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Supreme Base

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Granwax Supreme Base is formulated to act as a fast drying base coat for new or refurbished wood flooring that has been sanded, prior to the application of the chosen Granwax water based floor finish. It is ideal for use on strip, block or mosaic wood flooring that has no previous history of residual wax. Granwax Supreme Base will enhance natural wood colour. Granwax Supreme Base is also available in white, black and grey from stock. Other colours/shades are available upon request.
IMPORTANT: Granwax Supreme Base should not be used as a base coat on reclaimed timber floors with unknown history of previous applications or on floors potentially contaminated with traditional wax deposits. Floors of this type should be fully sanded and initially treated with 1 coat of Granwax Barrier Seal. Granwax Supreme Base cannot be used as a final floor finish, nor should it be used in conjunction with oil or solvent based finishes. Granwax Supreme Base is also not recommended on existing floors that have been stained or coloured.
Please contact our technical department, your local representative or product supplier if you have any questions regarding preparation, application or require advice before commencing work.

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